Comprehensive Planning

Oregon’s land use planning system is founded on locally adopted Comprehensive Plans.  Comprehensive Plans, and the associated Comprehensive Plan Maps, serve as a local governments’ broad policy statement for its vision of future land uses.  Comprehensive Plans in Oregon typically have a “twenty year planning horizon” which is to say that the policies set forth in the plan are intended to be achieved, or significantly advanced, over the twenty years following adoption.  The State of Oregon has statewide planning goals to which all local governments’ Comprehensive Plans must comply.  Additionally, there are numerous statutes and administrative rules that specify procedures and policies that must be set forth in local Comprehensive Plans.

CSA Planning has been involved in numerous Comprehensive Plan projects over the years as hired consultants for local government, property owner representatives during legislative updates, and as property owner agents as part of quasi-judicial land use applications.  See the menu on the right for more detailed information.