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At its meeting of June 5, 2018, based on the record of the public meetings and hearings on this matter, the Ashland City Council approved your request for Annexation of a 5 .3 8-acre parcel  Zone Change from County RR-5 Rural Residential) to City E-1 (Employment), and Site Design Review approval for the phased development of a light industrial business park for the property located at 601 Washington Street.

Tax lot #2800 of Map 39 IE 14AB is located at 601 Washington Street, which is presently outside the city limits, and is zoned RR-5, Jackson County Rural Residential. The application includes a request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow a watchman’s dwelling; Limited Use/Activity Permits within the Water Resource Protection Zones Knoll Creek and a Possible Wetland on the property to construct a stormwater outfall and street improvements; an Exception to Street Standards for the frontage improvements-along the property’s Washington Street frontage; and a Tree Removal Permit to remove four trees greater than six-inches in diameter at breast height (d.b.h.). The proposal is outlined in plans on file at the Department of Community Development.

The criteria for Annexation are as follows:

  • The land is within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary.
  • The proposed zoning for the annexed area is in conformance with the designation indicated on the Comprehensive Plan Map, and the project, if proposed concurrently with the annexation, is an allowed us-e within the proposed zoning.
  • The land is currently contiguous with the present city limits.
  • Adequate City facilities for the provision of water to the site as determined by the Public Works Department.
  • Adequate transportation can and will be provided to and through the subject property.
  • That affordable housing units shall be distributed throughout the project.