CSA Planner and GIS Analyst Mike Savage provides planning and management for rural property owners.

Mike Savage has experience in all types of rural development issues ranging from helping individual landowners navigate the requirements for bridge building and floodplain reviews to assisting corporations with construction and implementation of long-range development goals and objectives. Mike’s first-hand experience with his own entitlement and development projects has enhanced his appreciation for what it takes to put together and execute a rural development plan successfully. Mike has more than a decade of experience working with County ordinances and development requirements. Call Mike at 541-779-0569 or send an email to [email protected].

Are you an EFU property owner looking to do add value to your property with a commercial use?

Raul Woerner has years of experience helping rural property owners obtain the necessary County permits to allow an array of uses in Exclusive Farm Use zoning area.  Many Oregonians only see the EFU zone for its restrictions that limit residential development.  However, the EFU zone is actually a flexible zone that allows for many commercial uses if they are done in conjunction with agricultural enterprises.  If you have an agricultural enterprise and are interested in adding a commercial dimension to the enterprise set up a meeting with Raul to see what uses may be permitted.