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On November 4, 2011, the Site Plan and Architectural Commission adopted the final order to revise AC-11-020. The revision reduces the scape of the approved project by replacing the proposed building at 20 Portland Avenue with a parking lot and removing certain approved parking areas. The remaining work includes the remodel and connection of two existing buildings totaling 9,832 square feet and the construction of a parking area on two lots totaling o. 79 acres extending between Myrtle Street and Portland Avenue approximately 160 feet south of E Main Street, within a C-S/P (Commercial-Service/Professional) zoning district.

The project was divided into four phases, and conditions were approved that ensured the applicant could meet the requirements associated with each phase. The building permit for Phase 1, the reconstruction of the buildings on Myrtle Street, was issued by the City in August 2011.

Improvements addressed in the plan:

  • Remodel of the existing buildings at 17 & 19 Myrtle and associated improvements (Tax Lot 8200)
  • Paving and improvement of the parking area of Tax Lot 3700