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On November¬†16, 2018, Jackson County Development Services approved with conditions an application for a land use permit on the following described property: Township 37 South, Range 2 West, Section 22, Tax Lot 2802 and Township 37 South, Range 2 West, Section 21, Tax Lot 9800, located at 1053 Hanley Road, Medford, OR. The Department’s decision (File No. 439-18-0409-ZON) tentatively approves the following on the above-described property: A request for a Living History Museum on the site of the historic Michael Hanley Farmstead, including special events and activities that are directly related to the use and enjoyment of the museum.

The proposal is for a Living History Museum on the site of the historic Hanley Farm, including periodic special events to support the mission and sustainability of the use. A Living History Museum is listed as a Park/Public/Quasi-public use in Table 4.2-1. Typically, Section 3.2.2 applies to such a use. However, the applicant is seeking only to recognize an existing site, approved through File 87-6-CUP as a “public use operated by a public entity”, as a “Living History Museum” as currently listed in Table 4.2-1 and include special events on the site. No physical changes to the site are proposed under this review. Staff, therefore concludes criteria of Section 3.2.4 do not apply. In the event that structures and modifications of the use are proposed in the future, the criteria of Section 3.2.4 may be applied.