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On December 11, 2014, the Planning Commission approved the request for a one-year time extension of the Conditional Use Permit to allow for improvements to Hawthorne Park and an Exception to street standards on a 13 acre parcel located on the south side of East Jackson Street, the north side of East Main Street, the west side of Hawthorne Street, and east of Interstate 5 within a C-S/P (Service Commercial/Professional Office) zoning district.

Per MLDC Section 10.250, extensions shall be based on findings that the facts upon which the application was first approved have not changed to an extent sufficient to warrant refiling of the application. It can be found that neither the circumstances of approval nor applicable site development standards have changed to a degree that warrants refiling of the conditional use permit. This is the only extension allowed under the Medford Land Development Code.

Per MLDC 10. 254, an Exception application directly related to another plan authorization expires when the related plan authorization expires. This section clarifies that “directly related” includes Exception applications that are concurrently filed with and/or integrally intertwined with the other plan authorization. The Commission can find that the Exception and Conditional Use Permit applications were concurrently filed, and that the Exception is an integral part of the approval.